Official art market

TUDOR-ART.COM monitors, mainly, official art sales by auction houses in Romania and separately by art galleries, who made public the official art sales. First official art sales recorded by TUDOR-ART.COM is on January the 8th, 1995. Over time TUDOR-ART.COM data-base recorded over 120.000 painting works, graphics, drawings, photographs, sculpture and decorative arts, subject to commercial competition in the auction houses.

By its size and speed of completion of data, TUDOR-ART.COM is the main service for documentation in this area, used and trusted by people and institutions in Romania and abroad, in search of quality information on the official art market in Romania.


Use of site

Information about the overall dynamics of official art market from Romania is offered for free to all visitors on TUDOR-ART.COM site. Daily recordings of trading information published by commercial actors of the art market (auction houses and galleries) makes it possible to generate graphs, performance and visibility charts, useful in guidance and documentation. Information from auction houses catalogs about future auctions is also free. Users of TUDOR-ART.COM Newsletter receive an email notification with immediate offer of art auction houses.

Visualizing detailed information is possible on three levels (BASIC, PROFESSIONAL and EXPERT) after obtaining a subscription. Subscribers at TUDOR-ART.COM benefit of bio-bibliographical information and detailed information about the art works present in the auction houses in Romania since 1995.

Also, here one can buy – in several annual editions – TUDOR-ART Independent Index. Printed and bound in terms of high quality TUDOR-ART Index is a complete and detailed catalog of artworks awarded in the auction houses in Romania. It contains a large number of signatures, processed in support of research, evaluation and award of works of art.

Buying TUDOR-ART services and products can be completed by on-line payment, witch is professionally secured. For an efficient communication with TUDOR-ART one must obtain an user’s Account, functional based on Terms and Conditions here agreed.